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new season & chapter

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Happy October!

I have been inactive on social media as I have been focusing on school, work and writing. I have just graduated the Music Performance & Technology program at Metalworks Institute with a major in vocal. I learnt so much about not only the industry, it's history and the craft, but myself and my artistry. I had so many enriching moments throughout the two years and am so thankful for my experience there. I have also just started two jobs in the industry but have been consistently writing. SO I am extremely excited to announce that I am in the beginning stages of recording a single! The song will be produced by Alfio Annibalini who has worked on projects for Arkells, The Beaches, Big Wreck, Greta Van Fleet and more!

Stay tuned and I will post another blog entry regarding the single and what it's about. Thank you!

- Elle

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